PADI New / Revised Open Water Diver Course Part 2

Let’s look at what has changed in the Knowledge Development section of the new / Revised course.
The new curriculum assumes everyone is learning to use dive computer to dive, so all the “how to use and choose” dive computer information is included in the new manual. Hence the previous How to Use and Choose Dive Computer supplement is being eliminated. However for those who still fond of teaching RDP table or eRDPml, they can still order both crew pack from PADI. For these RDP fans, there is additional quiz and exam to cover the learnt material. Student divers have to earn 75% mark to master these quiz and exam and the score is calculated separated from the main exam. IOW, they have to score 75% on the exam as well 75% on the RDP exam. There is also a new dive computer simulator, a generic one and a specific one. So if you are selling exclusively Suunto Zoop DC, then you may want to set your student up with the Sunnto Zoop dive computer simulator. You will access this simulator through Scubaearth… yes, Scubaearth. You better get yourself setup at ScubaEarth. How the DC simulator is linked? Let’s stay tuned and find out In a later date…
Other than that, the curriculum content has also been shifted. Pressure, Volume, Density is now introduced first before Buoyancy. It make full sense since that will be a lot easier to explain how buoyancy work with the knowledge of pressure, volume and density. Gas narcorsis is now moved to Section 5. Air management is now strongly emphasized: planning dive, safety stop, turn pressure calculation. Lastly, the way questions asked in the Knowledge Review sections changed to more first person scenario.
OK, that is more or less it for Knowledge Development changes. Let’s look at changes in Confined Water tomorrow.


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