Underwater Photography and social media

It’s been a little over a year I haven’t post here in my blog. I sure try not to be lazy and start posting more.

Lately there are lot of people asking me what camera and setup I use for under water photography. In fact my set up is very simple. I have a Canon G15 with a Fantasea housing, and occasionally, I use a single strobe. I said occasionally because setting up the strobe to work properly is never an easy job and most importantly I often found the strobe setup is very bulky. However properly using a strobe for macro photo is awesome. Those pictures taken with strobe show a lot more colors. (BTW none of the picture I posted here was taken with a strobe)

Talking about posting those pictures up on social media site, please color correct your pictures first before you post. It does make a big different. Also pick and select the pictures before you post. Please don’t just copy every pictures from your SD card and dump them all onto facebook. Even cropping the pictures to include proper negative and positive space is a good idea. Bottom line is make those pictures you post be pleasure to see. 🙂 While doing underwater photography, photshop (or any photo editing software) is your friend. Just several simple key strokes, the end result of your pictures look totally different and awesome.

Of course, proper position of object, positive and negative space… are important element of a “nice” picture. Want to learn more, take a course with some instructor, like myself who post descent pictures on social media.
Talk again next time.


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