KiSS Ocra Spirit needs some modification Part II

In order to make the rig balance, at the same time to satisfy myself having an on-board dil, I went ahead and fabricate 2 aluminum brackets

to hold 2 2l cylinders, one dil and one O2 on either sides of the scrubber cannister. Just like the Sport Kiss or the Classic Kiss. This way not only balance off the unit, also move the center of gravity of the unit up higher. Only draw back is the breather now is a lot wider, and might not be the best unit to go through restricted area. That will give me a sound excuse to acquire a side-mount unit, the Sidekick Kiss. 😀
Next thing I did was re-route all the plumbing, install a new 6 ports manifold to replace the 4 port comes with the unit.
Connect an off-board dil/bail-out set up as well as an on-board dil set up with all the fancy quick connects. Now I have redundancy 🙂
Speaking of redundancy, since I mainly dive the unit in wet suit, so I added an extra bladder to the Dive Rite wing. And now I am ready to go.
I did a couple of dives in the swimming pool and I found my balance is a lot better. I am still a little bottom heavy though. With dry suit it is an easy fix, however with wet suit, I will have to think of a way to lift my legs a little bit. One cure might be turn the cylinder right side up with the tank valve on top, however I kind of like the tank valve at the bottom better since it is easier to access to plus this can for sure eliminate the possibility of roll on and roll off my cylinder valves in an overhead environment.
Other fix might be adding some weight over the top area of the unit, but this is really the last resource I want to try because I am already over weight while diving this unit in wet suit. So my first move is going to add some lift to my legs by wearing an extra neoprene socks. I will have to try this out while I am diving in Grand Cayman this week. Will continue my report after all the tries. Stay tune and come back for more….


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